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24 Mar 2020

WTF Weekly for Mar 24, 2020

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and the US is being led there by an orange man who rules by feelings instead of listening to experts.

It sucks.

In better news, iPadOS 13.4 came out today, complete with trackpad support. It’s really nice. Apple rethought the cursor for iOS rather than just bolting on an arrow straight from macOS.

Covid-19’s Impact on Libraries Goes Beyond Books

“My library was filled with older people,” Pearson says. “I just wanted to go out and scream, ‘Go home. What are you doing here?’ I knew that if we didn’t make that move to close the building, they would never stop coming. We were, at that point, doing more harm than good.”

This is a great article focused on libraries and the impact of shuttering them during this pandemic, but the paragraph above could be applied to just about everything in the public space right now. People are behaving stupidly, and now our lard of a leader is starting to encourage them to. It can’t end well.

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.4 with iPad Cursor Support and Keyboard Improvements, iCloud Drive Shared Folders, and More

The trackpad support in iOS 13.4 is glorious. I’m using it right now as I type this on my iPad Air (I paired the Magic Trackpad formerly assigned as a second input device on my iMac to it).

I use my iPad so much for everything now that I know at some point I will get the 2020 11” iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard with trackpad for it.

And to the Ken Rays of the world who can’t understand why people who sometimes use the keyboard on their iPad don’t just “get a laptop”, it’s barely worth explaining. It’s a different OS, different apps, different feel, AND it becomes an amazing book reader or TV watcher at any time. No laptop has ever been a nice tablet.

Virtual F1 and Lando Norris provide light relief in testing times

Lando Norris may be the best thing that’s happened to F1 in decades. He’s already provided fun and humor to his fans even in the best of times, and these are not the best of times.

Whether Virtual F1 will really become a thing or not remains to be seen, but both Virtual Lando and Real Lando most definitely are.

How ‘silent spreaders’ are fueling the coronavirus pandemic

Now here’s something I feel like our orange comb-over-in-chief doesn’t understand: anyone wandering around in public, no matter how seemingly healthy, can help create and ramp a pandemic.

But since these “undocumented” carriers so outnumbered those whose infections were confirmed, their effect was far greater, the researchers who conducted the simulation found. They concluded that in the outbreak’s earliest days — between Jan. 10 and Jan. 23 — people well enough to have stayed out of the hospital probably played a key role in the coronavirus’ explosive spread.

‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries

Don’t you hate when you’re running a museum full of Biblically relevant exhibits and you find out that some of the most cherished are forgeries? Yep, that sucks.

The huge hospital ships deploying to Los Angeles and New York used to be oil tankers

It’s interesting that this hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else as far as I know, but two converted oil tankers are heading to each coast to serve as overflow hospitals for non-Covid-19 patients in order to allow hospitals to focus on those infected with the virus.

A Navy spokesperson is quoted here talking about the practical reasons, but there’s not a word about who planned this, ordered it, or who will be coordinating between the ship and hospital medical staff.


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