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19 Mar 2019

WTF Weekly for Mar 19, 2019

While I was toiling away and ignoring the world to earn a paycheck this past week, weird things happened.

Beta O’Rourke was outed as a former Cult of the Dead Cow member.

This is fascinating on many levels. First there’s the obvious oddity of a politician who may actually be quite tech savvy. Then there’s the whole history of the Cult of the Dead Cow itself. I knew about cDc from the beginning because my brother and I were deep into computers at the time.

Black boxes are as fascinating as ever.

It’s just tragic that their near indestructibility has been required more than once recently thanks to the Boeing 737 Max.

The iPad mini lives, and the new iPad Air may be the most compelling iPad ever for many.

Apple quietly released two new iPads, and and in doing so filled a couple gaping holes in the iPad lineup. I saw a couple grumbles online about there being two many choices, but I completely disagree – the gap between even the 11” iPad Pro and the $329 9.7” iPad was too great, and of course the iPad mini was basically a zombie at four years old. This is a welcome bolstering of iPad options for almost all buyers.

Click Here to Kill Everybody is a book by Bruce Schneier.

I’m reading it, and so should you. Really you should read everything by Schneier. At the very least, subscribe to his blog for bloody sake. Our digital future is far more fraught with opportunity for failure than we imagined when I was coming of age in the Apple II and early Mac eras, thanks to what Bruce terms “Internet+”, but maybe there’s hope. Maybe.

To whom it may concern, !@#+ you!

Valtteri Bottas heard you, critics (which definitely included me last season). Not only did the Finn beat his 5-time world champion teammate in the F1 season opener in Australia fair and square, he also colorfully told his detractors where they could stick it while pulling his car into parc ferme. This could be an interesting season if Hamilton decides he doesn’t like the new rugged individualist Bottas as much as the formerly compliant one.