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27 Mar 2019

WTF Weekly for Mar 27, 2019


Cardhop for iOS debuts with natural language parsing, contact notes, and business cards.

I have been a sad, sad bear ever since Greg Pierce decided to discontinue support of Interact for iOS. Apple’s own Contacts app doesn’t allow group management, among other things, and I honestly have been thinking about writing my own janky iOS app to move people in and out of Contact groups.

But then came Cardhop, and it looks great! I mean it literally looks great. Also it has nice group features, quick actions, everything except the scratchpad that Interact still will be mourned for.

AirPods, the sequel: people seem to like them.

Not gonna lie, when AirPods 2 were announced, I thought about it. Mine are definitely going down the “much shorter battery life” path to unsuccess (yes, I made up a word). However, I may just wait for the rumored truly wireless PowerBeats. Longer battery life and better fit for workouts sound tempting.

AT&T’s Randall Stephenson claims viewer data will be given to media companies by Apple.

It’s really hard to know about this with any certainty at all because A) Stephenson is a bit of an a%%holio, B) He didn’t actually mention Apple by name but just threw them in by implication, and C) Did I mention that he’s a bungholio?


Republicans block US Senate Democrats’ move on making Mueller report public.

It is possible there are things in the Mueller report that should not be made public, but really the Republicans are just acting like the vile humans they are at this point. The GOP has long since given up even pretending to care about right or wrong and is concerned solely with winning.

John Hinckley says he’s happy, but he still creeps out everyone who meets him.

I don’t know why, but this part kind of made me laugh:

He doesn’t like to exercise and in recent years has gained as much as 40 pounds. He walks with a limp and suffers from arthritis and hypertension.

Maybe someone should recommend the Apple Watch to the guy.

Mike Pence’s brain is on the moon.

Mike Pence doesn’t seem to realize that the U.S. going back to the moon within 5 years is never going to happen without some serious funding. But then again, reality isn’t this administration’s strong suit.


Asus really screws the firmware doggy.

You know what’s more interesting than stories by Bloomberg about security threats that never actually happened? Stories from Vice about ones that did. It’s generally considered bad news when malicious actors use your own firmware update system to dump malware onto customer motherboards.

As of the 25th, Asus still had not notified their customers about the issue (probably still gathering data, according to the authors). Yikes.

The NSO group wants you to like them.

Really. It’d be almost touching if it weren’t so ludicrously stupid.

From the “your parents must be so proud!” department.

I didn’t intend all my security links this week to be from Motherboard and Vice, but this one is worth reading. Most people have probably forgotten all about Ross Ulbricht, but his parents haven’t. His mother also hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to find out your son is an amoral criminal.

Also, anyone else find it odd that the author of this article found it hard to believe that Ross’ mom didn’t know what Silk Road was prior to her son’s arrest? Why the bloody hades would she??