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18 Dec 2019

WTF Weekly for December 18, 2019

Well, it’s official – my migration from Wordpress to Hugo has begun. I’m starting with my personal site, and the rest will eventually follow (including WTF Weekly). I can’t wait to get off Wordpress completely and get to something more performant, especially since the overhead of a dynamic platform makes little sense for this site.

And speaking of security (in case you don’t see the connection, there is one)…

We Tested Ring’s Security. It’s Awful

The Ring story is the gift that keeps on giving for those who love a good tale of security fubar. It’s creepy and funny all at once, and the way Ring wants to blame its users while implementing few best practices and requiring geolocation data is pretty pathetic. One can only hope Vice’s article shames Ring into at least pretending to care about their users.

The Largest Scientific Structure Ever Powers Up in Africa

From the department of “Science is Expensive” comes something that looks like it belongs atop a Star Destroyer – a dish antenna in South Africa that is first of 3,000 dishes that will point their ears towards space to “eavesdrop on electromagnetic radiation up to a quadrillion times weaker than what your cell phone emits”.

Impressive. And expensive: 133 similar dishes come with a $1 billion price tag.

Shiori Ito: Japanese journalist awarded $30,000 in damages in rape case

If you think reporting rape isn’t worth the nightmare in the U.S., try it in Japan. Even if there’s evidence the rape occurred and the police decided to believe you, it still won’t be called rape unless it can be proven the victim was incapable of resistance. The onus is on the victim to prove that it was rape. Lack of desire to participate isn’t enough.

In a way, Shiori Ito’s damages award is a major victory considering how few rapes in Japan are ever even acknowledged, but it’s still not justice.

It’s been over 30 years since I lived in Japan, and it’s truly distressing how little has changed with how women are treated there.

Judge Rules in Favor of U.S. Effort to Take Edward Snowden’s Book Money

I guess I’m not surprised that the US government is never going to let Snowden profit from a book that discusses his case, but it is too bad that our government never misses an opportunity for punitive retribution if it can flex its muscles instead. The powerful don’t like being embarrassed, even when they deserve it.

Hands-on review: Panic’s Playdate device pairs old-school games with new-school content delivery

It’s not just that Panic is local to me, it’s that they’re a company with real taste and creativity – and I love the idea of the Playdate so much. It really reminds me of a fresh take on the Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds we used to play with as kids in Japan.

I don’t know if Panic is going to make money, lose money, or just break even, but I hope this venture works out for them. It’s so cool to see someone trying something different in a world of gadget sameness.

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