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26 Dec 2019

WTF Weekly for December 26, 2019

The Hacker Who Took Down a Country

After the fiasco with Bloomberg’s apparently made-up story about embedded devices on computer logic boards, you may be loathe to trust anything they say about technology again, but this is a good one.

Senate removes phrase ‘white nationalist’ from measure intended to screen military enlistees

Now the argument starts over whether the intent here was to expand the scope of extremism monitoring, or to narrow it.

Either way, I would have preferred the wording stay in to make it very explicit that this type of person is not welcome in the US military.

Massive errors found in facial recognition tech: US study

Facial recognition for purposes of tracking and general identification is troublesome for many reasons, one of which is that we seem to be willing to trust its efficacy more than we should.

Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy

I know, I know… another security and privacy related story. But this one is incredible.

Until then, one thing is certain: We are living in the world’s most advanced surveillance system. This system wasn’t created deliberately. It was built through the interplay of technological advance and the profit motive. It was built to make money. The greatest trick technology companies ever played was persuading society to surveil itself.

Here’s one that’s right up my alley:

Scientists Now Know How Sleep Cleans Toxins From the Brain

I don’t need science to tell me how underrated sleep is in this culture of overwork and under-live. I know it. But it’s interesting that we keep proving to ourselves over and over again just how beneficial it is, and why.

And finally, the captivating story of a “standard middle-class American family” who just happened to blow the whistle on Russia’s giant state-sponsored doping program.

The Whistle-Blowers Next Door

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment:

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