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17 Jan 2020

WTF Weekly for Jan 17, 2020

It looks like it may have been slightly more than a week since the last WTF Weekly, but I can explain.

Oh, who cares? You don’t want to hear about how I’ve been working on converting my personal site to Hugo and that I’ve been immersed in modifying things to get it going, creating iOS shortcuts for all kinds of site management and blog posting, and generally diving into geeky stuff that has occupied my every waking minute.

So I won’t tell you all that.

Instead, I’ll just say that it’s good to be back, and that I really need to start working on getting THIS domain converted to Hugo and moved over to the same server as

Anyway… about the past ~week (or so)!

Here’s a cool one for you fellow Apple lovers:

Sam Henri Gold Launches The Unofficial Apple Archive

This site is just plain cool. If you’re an Apple nerd, you should know your Apple history if you don’t already. I recently had to explain to some people in a Mr Robot subreddit that an Apple IIe was not a Macintosh.

Kids today.

If they’d had this site, they could have figured all that out for themselves.

Equally cool is that Rogue Amoeba is helping to pay hosting costs for the site. I love them even more than ever.

From the “Slightly Creepy” drawer:

Japan discovers bodies on ‘ghost boat’ of suspected North Korea origin

The coast guard had specifically discovered three bodies with heads, two bodies without heads, and two heads without bodies. It is unclear whether the heads belonged to the bodies.

Is it?? 😂

MLB Cheating Scandal Claims Another Manager as New Rumors of Astros Batters Wearing Buzzers Swirl

All sports have some measure of cheating and ways of pursuing advantages against your opponents, but the Astros crossed both a common sense line and an “up yours” line. Can you imagine if they had won the World Series? As it is, everyone else is going to wonder “what if they hadn’t been cheating?”, and it’s more than a fair question.

Personally I’m not sure the punishment is severe enough given the systemic nature of the crime. Half the people in the organization had to have known about this, including squeaky clean “I play baseball the right way” Brian McCann.

Not impressed.

Interesting news from today that Elon Musk may not appreciate:

U.S. will look at sudden acceleration complaints involving 500,000 Tesla vehicles

Regardless of what happens with any of these Tesla cases, this is our future: constant investigations into whether or not self-driving or semi-self-driving cars are killing us.

It’s Not Just You—Wild Swings in Extreme Weather Are Rising

This should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention and doesn’t have an emotional investment in denying climate change, but we’re in for a wild ride.

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