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04 Feb 2020

WTF Weekly for Feb 4, 2020

HUGE SITE NEWS! Or something.

You’ll notice immediately that WTF Weekly has a new look. I’m still working on it, so please be patient, but it wasn’t just about the look. I’ve moved from a Wordpress site to a static site generated programmatically with Hugo. It has advantages from a maintenance viewpoint, among other things, but mainly hopefully the experience will be as good if not better for you, the reader.

Wuhan resident: ‘We’d rather die at home than go to quarantine’

I guess the biggest news this week has to be China and the Coronavirus. It seems evident that the situation is worse than the Chinese government wants to admit, but how much? Getting a clear picture might be difficult without people willing to face their government’s wrath.

How the coronavirus crisis has brewed a ‘revolt of the professionals’ in China

Any nation that handles a legitimate health crisis by worrying about appearances first is going to cause problems for the entire rest of the planet. It’s time for the Chinese government to let its professionals do their jobs, and part of their jobs is interacting with international health organizations.

The WHO keeps sticking up for China as the coronavirus gets worse and experts paint a far darker picture

It seems crazy to me that doctors rightfully sounding the alarm about the Coronavirus in China two months ago were threatened by the state police for making “false comments”. This could still play out badly with China’s authoritarianism putting people all over the planet at risk.

The US Fast-Tracked a Coronavirus Test to Speed Up Diagnoses

You can take this as a cause for concern because it means the CDC and FDA have genuine reason for panic about Coronavirus, or view it optimistically as they’re trying improve their quick response time.

Honestly I’m not sure where the truth about the appropriate level of concern lies, but I’d say this is definitely an actual serious problem. Many times in the past we’ve been warned about flu and other outbreaks potentially becoming pandemics that never have, but this may well be different.

Anyway… how about that old fruit company to take your mind off death, incompetence, and rule by fear?

Apple in 2019: The Six Colors report card

Jason Snell’s 2019 Apple report card is pretty interesting. It rightfully paints an unsurprising picture of incredibly dubious software quality, which is a real disappointment from a company that used to be known both for it’s software design sense and software reliability. Personally, I could tally up a huge list of frustrating and work-impeding iOS bugs that I fight with regularly.

Oddly enough, Catalina has been rock solid for me.

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

In other bad software news, even though it should be no surprise by now, everything you do on the internet is sold to everyone by everyone.

This kind of thing is important to expose, despite what the “yeah, yeah, this is not news” types would have you believe, because naming and shaming is always going to help companies think harder about this. They want to operate under the radar and not have you realize they’re selling you to any and all bidders.

That’s it for this week. Stay safe and maybe indefinitely postpone that Tour of Asia vacation you were planning for the spring.

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