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18 Feb 2020

WTF Weekly for Feb 18, 2020

Happy week! Some things happened again this week, odd as that might sound.

App Used by Netanyahu’s Likud Leaks Israel’s Entire Voter Registry

If you’re feeling sad inside about how messed up and incompetent our political parties are in the US, this might cheer you up: Israelis are bad at elections too. Likud, the party of Netanyahu, managed to dump the personal information of every single voter in the registry in an epic self-own, thanks to an amateur hour app developer called Feed-b. B-team, indeed.

44 Americans On The Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Diagnosed With Coronavirus

As soon as I heard they were quarantining people on a ship with passengers with Coronavirus, I knew they were all going to start catching it. And sure enough…

Really, it’s worse than the headline indicates:

Another 70 cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently quarantined in Japan, according to Japanese health officials.

Why Bloomberg may turn unstoppable soon

I don’t get the Bloomberg appeal, I really don’t. Supposedly a lot of Democrat voters think that Obama endorses Bloomberg, but I don’t know how much that has to do with his current popularity.

Even without Bloomberg, I think the Democrats are divided and that each candidate has little chance to garner enough support to win an election. Maybe I should be glad that Bloomberg seems to be getting so much traction then – except I don’t think I want a Bloomberg presidency either.

Signal Is Finally Bringing Its Secure Messaging to the Masses

I’ll admit to having mixed feelings about Signal. I like the concepts of privacy and security it is based on, but it’s always been a necessarily non-integrated and basic messaging app that no one wants to use.

Now WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton is helping Moxie Marlinspike set about changing that by providing money and invaluable experience in how to build a platform.

Signal has gone from one to watch to tired to one to watch again. I’m interested in seeing how much traction they gain and who their ultimate audience winds up being.

And one more from Wired, but it’s too good not to link to:

How a Space Engineer Made Her Own Rotary Cell Phone

I mean… I can’t see wanting one to use as a phone except maybe at home, but I want one anyway.

I just thought for a long time that rotary dials are so cool, they don’t have a use in modern society, and I’d love to make myself some device that uses it for data entry. And then I thought, Well, it might as well be a phone. And if I’m gonna do this, it should be something that I could really use. It wouldn’t just be a novelty. It would be something I could actually fit in my pocket, that I’d want to use as my primary cell phone.

Home-brew hardware engineering is so rare anymore that this is just a fun story. I love it.

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