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28 Apr 2020

WTF Weekly for Apr 28, 2020

At moments, it’s hard to believe we aren’t living in the end times. I can’t remember the last time I felt real optimism, like anything was possible. Just living without a constant sense of lurking disaster would be nice.

When I was a boy, I would climb a tree and feel the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face and, at that moment, the world was a place full of only good. I can’t help but wonder if today’s kids have ever felt that free, that peaceful, that sheer positivity.

Anyway, back here in the hell we’ve created in the name of making America great again, Dear Orange Leader wonders aloud in front of the entire world about the viability of disinfectant injections and light treatments, because of course he does. If only there were people who made careers of studying diseases who could assist in this time.

These “are the good times — compared to what’s coming next”

Here’s a painful read. It’s very hard to look at modern United States of America and not understand that it’s in a decline, but to see it laid bare like this, with a crystal clear diagram of what comes next, really hurts.

U.S. coronavirus cases approach 1 million, one-third of global infections: Reuters tally

Remember when the great Oompa Loompa said Covid-19 cases in the US were going to be zero? Yeah. About that…

The Pentagon Hasn’t Fixed Basic Cybersecurity Blind Spots

The Pentagon, always excited about plans involving cyberattacks against others, apparently can’t be bothered to get its own house in order. This isn’t a theoretical failure either, it’s an inability to follow through on the Department of Defense’s own initiatives for fixing what ails them, security-wise.

Have I mentioned recently it feels like everyone has given up?

How Space Tries to Kill You and Make You Ugly

You know it’s dark times when reading about how much space would love to kill us feels lighthearted and entertaining. But it’s true. Space wants us dead.

This is a truly fascinating article about all the ways we aren’t equipped to live in places that aren’t earth, which seems both startlingly obvious, and also vaguely disturbing. If our plan is to escape out into the void rather than to quit trashing the home base, basic cosmic realities combined with human biology are here to say “not so fast, earthlings.”

America’s face-mask culture is changing, and their meaning changes too

Americans are pretty stellar at being culturally clueless, and their comprehension of why people in other countries wear face masks during cold and flu season is no exception.

I hope after this current pandemic eventually passes, our current increased willingness to do the right thing and cover the mouth and nose survives. The way we’ve historically wandered around spraying germs everywhere when we’re sick is beyond ludicrous.

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