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11 Aug 2020

WTF Weekly for Aug 11th, 2020

Cops Arrest 17-Year-Old Suspect in Massive Twitter Hack

“He’s a 17-year-old kid who just graduated high school, but make no mistake, this was not an ordinary 17-year-old. This was a highly sophisticated attack on a magnitude not seen before,” the State Attorney said in a video statement.

I wonder if we’ll ever again hear news of a hack that isn’t characterized as “sophisticated”. In truth it seems like it was standard social engineering and a powerful admin tool with very few safeguards on its operation.

That’s not to say it was not a noteworthy security breach, because Twitter is influential and we now know it has a powerful administrative tool that has just one level of access control.

I sure hope that $100,000 or whatever he got was worth it, because this kid is going to spend some time in prison.

More on the this:

From Minecraft Tricks to Twitter Hack: A Florida Teen’s Troubled Online Path

Here’s the part of this story I’d like to hear more about:

At 15, he joined an online hackers’ forum. By 16, he had gravitated to the world of Bitcoin, appearing to involve himself in a theft of $856,000 of the cryptocurrency, though he was never charged for it, social media and legal records show. On Instagram posts afterward, he showed up with designer sneakers and a bling-encrusted Rolex.

Facebook internal investigation finds millions of members in QAnon groups

I don’t mean to be rude, but can we just not with Facebook anymore? If you’re still using it, why?

Honestly I think at this point the FB demographic is also the most gullible demographic. Either that or people are just so bored with their horrible lives that they’re willing to believe anything remotely exciting to escape reality. And escaping reality they are, in huge numbers.

Facebook in particular and social media in general are destructive. The tech non-sophisticates aren’t wired to handle it. I know that sounds arrogant, but there are a lot of people who just can’t correctly evaluate anything they read online.

A mysterious group has hijacked Tor exit nodes to perform SSL stripping attacks

Tor has always only been as secure as its exit relays, and I’ve always thought if I were a government agency interested in uncloaking people, I’d just run all the exit nodes. But apparently Bitcoin thieves are even more motivated than the NSA.

The group has been so prodigious and persistent in their attacks, that by May 2020, they ran a quarter of all Tor exit relays — the servers through which user traffic leaves the Tor network and accesses the public internet.

I’d say that’s a pretty significant problem for a lot of people using Tor.

Idaho Lawmaker: “Listening To Experts Is An Elitist Approach” To Coronavirus Restrictions

I really cannot comprehend what’s happening to conservatives in this country. They literally can’t tell the difference between totalitarianism and trying to get a pandemic under control. Worse yet, some of these dummies are in charge of school boards or local governments.

Does being conservative now mean mandatory lobotomies?

Characterizing people who understand that diseases actually do spread as “fearful” and characterizing themselves, who want to take no precautions, as “not fearful” is kind of mind-blowing. I wonder if they realize that biology doesn’t care about their beliefs?

Every single one of these pandemic deniers reminds me of the administration at my daughter’s school. It’s a frustrating time to be a person who believes in data-based decisions rather than reactionary thrashing and misguided moaning about personal liberties.

A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano says vile remark by Astros hitting coach spurred brawl

And just what you don’t want to see during a pandemic, baseball players who are unable to control themselves brawling and mixing it up.

America – time to get a grip.

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