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24 Aug 2020

WTF Weekly for Aug 24th, 2020

Wisconsin calls out National Guard after unrest over police shooting of Black man

It’s hard to believe that police just keep shooting black people in the back considering all the scrutiny they’re under in 2020, but they just can’t help themselves. Police in the U.S. are clearly either not trained adequately to handle stressful situations, or are purposely trained to eliminate all risk, no matter how minute, by shooting anyone they can claim they feel threatened by.

“12 more years!” Trump’s opening speech got the 2020 RNC off to a dark start

Trump is laying the groundwork for the brain donors who believe in him to swallow another conspiracy theory should he lose the 2020 election. And they will.

I don’t think we can assume this is trolling or setting up an excuse for losing in advance. At this point, I’ll be amazed if Trump leaves quietly.

The FDA Just OK’d Emergency Use of Plasma for Covid-19

Filed under the Activities, Not Results category comes the news that the FDA is ok’ing the use of convalescent plasma for people sick with Covid-19. The problem is, no one knows if it’s actually effective or not, because no scientific trials have taken place. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from claiming that it’s another miracle drug.

It’s also important to note that Emergency Use Authorizations (of which this is one) don’t make claims of benefit but simply authorize utilization of a given treatment. The FDA already issued one for hydroxychloroquine earlier, so this current EUA should be met with some healthy skepticism.

Coronavirus catches up with Usain Bolt, world’s fastest man

As if the dummies who think physical fitness is a defense against Covid-19 need any further proof to the contrary, one of the world’s fittest humans caught the disease after a crazy birthday party full of social non-distancing.

Interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua could still be alien technology, new study hints

When a Harvard University astrophysicist starts claiming that aliens are behind the unaccountable acceleration of the bizarre interstellar object known as Oumuamua, you know things are weird. And yet it’s still not as weird as most of the things currently happening here on planet earth.

It’s ok to be skeptical of Avi Loeb’s claims though, because he’s pimping a book he authored about this being the first sign of intelligent life beyond earth. It seems a little premature to be that certain about it, but apparently not everyone agrees.

Ultraconservative evangelical leader Jerry Falwell in sex scandal

Another famous evangelical, another sex scandal. Really it’s getting tiring, the tendency of conservative Christians to hold up the worst possible human beings as role models, especially since none of these people are remotely Christ-like.

I won’t miss this idiot, but sadly, he’ll probably just take some time off and then will be able to proclaim redemption and resume some form of “ministry”.

Spain warned of dire impact of second coronavirus lockdown

As amazed as I am by some of the anti-lockdown protests in Spain that have taken place recently, I’m kind of glad to know Americans aren’t the only people in the world who can’t handle reality.

Look, being in lockdown is bad, and no one is denying that it poses very real and very big problems for everyone. But the Spanish seem like a lot of Americans in their desire to completely ignore the pandemic itself and focus solely on the effects of trying to get the disease under control.

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