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24 Apr 2019

WTF Weekly for Apr 24, 2019

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As of this week, I’m officially replacing the baseball and F1 section of WTF Weekly with a new Space/Science/Nature section. Enjoy.


Want some AirPods with your AirPods?

Ming-Chi Kuo is fully onboard the “multiple AirPod models” train. No details whatsoever are given about what features these new, additional, supplemental, highly speculative AirPods will have that existing ones don’t already.

Tim Cook says non-existent regulation of technology is a problem.

Honestly, I think so too. I’m not one of the many angry people I went to high school with who thinks unfettered capitalism is the only true way to come to Jesus. However, anytime the government tries to understand technology, there’s more than ample opportunity for failure.

We need it, but will we like it?

Bruce Schneier has also often expressed a belief that shoddy IoT security (and security in general) will continue to be a major problem until the government starts regulating companies who scoop up all our personal information, and I have to say I agree.

CalZones, the MacStories review.

This is not a news item, but it is sort of a new item. See what I did there?

I am using CalZones as my main iOS calendar app (I also use Apple’s calendar for things like clearing out event invites, etc) and I really like it. Although CalZones is built around the necessity to coordinate with people in other time zones, that’s secondary to how well the rest of the design and functionality works for me.


Facebook made a huge amount of money, and their stock is up – despite potentially being faced with what most people would think is a massive fine.

This article raises a lot of questions for me. I supposed FB might be legally obliged to warn investors of a financial hit that’s coming, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

Also, $3 billion is a LOT of money, unless you’re FB and you rake in $15 billion. It’s still more profitable for them to be scummy and evil and abuse our private information than it is for them to worry about FTC fines.

You can’t talk to Trump about national security issues.

This is nuts. We have a president in charge who can’t be trusted with information about Russia’s attempts to interfere in the 2020 elections. Just shoot this country in the head and get it over with already – we’re insane for choosing this guy and we’re insane for letting this nightmare continue.

Rich people are really worried about the health of capitalism.

Meanwhile, everyone else has known how sick it is for a long, long time.

Black Feminists saw the rise of the alt-right coming, and were ignored.

For me, one of the most discouraging things about modern life and our dependency on the internet is the amount of hateful people that congregate on it and encourage each other’s vile attitudes.

Everything from Gamergate to the recent “honest questioning” (misogynistic badgering) of scientist Katie Bouman is evidence that not only is society cranking out loser misfits incapable of seeing women as human, we’ve also given them a free platform to slither in a snake pit of loathing and venom.


Chrome update stops websites from tracking you in Incognito mode.

Google’s a weird company. On the one hand, they’re basically breaking the web with Chrome and taking us back to the 90’s and browser compatibility wars, and on the other, they’re also trying very hard to protect your online privacy.

Sorry, I had to pause for a minute because tears of laughter are rolling down my face.

I’m glad they’ve installed this feature in Chrome, but trusting Google to really care about your privacy is like trusting a sex offender to babysit your child because he’s good at making sure they cross the street safely. Obviously it’s not as terrible as that, but it’s equally naive.

Blockchain Bandit – guessing keys, scoring coin.

You know me, I’ll take any opportunity that comes my way to bash on cryptocurrency believers, but this story should be interesting to more moderately opinionated people too. I love this kind of research and reporting.

CIA claims it has proof Huawei has been funded by China’s military and intelligence.

This is one of those cases where the evidence needs to be released, because if it’s true, companies and countries need to be able to believe it so they can avoid Huawei entirely.

On the other hand, just avoiding Huawei is not going to solve the supply chain issue, the Chinese vendor issue (hi, Lenovo), and many other security problems due to China’s role in our technology, but at least we can stop dealing companies that are certain security risks.


The emergency launch abort systems of SpaceX and Boeing explained.

Space and space technology have a habit of trying to kill people on a regular basis, but engineers try to stop it from happening. I’m ok with that mission.

Get ready for tens of millions of climate refugees.

I can’t wait until our idiotic orange-in-chief learns about climate change and its effects on population migration. He can’t even handle the present-day situation without categorizing people as animals and trying to “other” the entire rest of the planet.

Eat breakfast or die!

This article is from Inverse, and it’s a classic question of correlation vs. causation, but still it’s entertaining reading. Maybe this will work on my daughter when she’s not hungry in the morning. Parent of the year, that’s me!


The gentle side of Twitch.

I love this. People using Twitch for activities that are definitely the opposite of twitch-based entertainment.

Yesterday Vision.

If you’re into retro games and have a spare $2800.00, Love Hultèn has something for you!

The Matrix code came from Sushi recipes.

Which recipes were used is a secret.