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15 May 2019

WTF Weekly for May 15, 2019

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As you may have noticed, I skipped publishing a week of WTF Weekly. And then I almost missed another. You know what they say about habits, right? Well… tell me! I need to know!

Sorry for the lapse. I’ll try harder.


Apple TV app – stuttering its way to success

I’ve given the Apple TV app a lot of grief in the past (just ask Vic Hudson), but I like the direction it’s headed. Getting the content to play in-app versus the previous way of popping out to the specific content provider’s own app is really a big improvement that I noticed many people downplaying and underestimating. They’re wrong – it’s a great change.

This could be an interesting way for gamers to get desktop class games on the Apple TV (in a way), finally. It sure isn’t going to happen the App Store way.

Designing a dark theme for OLED iPhones

One of the many things I truly love about my iPhone XS Max is the giant OLED screen. True black dark modes look amazing on it. So my natural inclination is to assume anything less than 100% black is undesirable, but Vidit Bhargava writes a compelling argument that this is indeed not the case.


The Reiwa era is off to a terrible start

This is going to make that time Bush barfed on a prime minister Miyazawa seem like a smashing success of a visit.

Alabama wants to be the birthplace of a real life Handmaid’s Tale

I wish the GOP loved people as much after they’re born as before. We could end war, get rid of guns, and fund universal healthcare and education.

Tesla issues the fire patch

Ok, technically it’s not a fire patch, but it is a software patch ostensibly designed to help prevent fires.


It’s almost impossible to tell if your iPhone has been hacked

This might make some real Apple apologists mad, but I’ve long thought this myself… part of what makes the iPhone secure is its sandboxed nature, but that also makes it really hard to know exactly what’s going on all the time on your iPhone.

Errr… yikes

Apparently nothing is safe anymore.

Aaaand Cisco poops the bed again, security-wise

It’s generally considered bad when you can’t trust the internet infrastructure. This, of course, is just one instance.


NASA plans to crash into an asteroid

I wonder where Bruce Willis is going to be that day… hmmm.

Dying of depression… and science

Climate change is incredibly depressing. This won’t help that. Still, I think people need to get their minds wrapped around this so we can start combatting the idiots of the world who want to pretend nothing’s happening or just harp on humanity not being responsible (hint: humanity is at least partially responsible).

If it sounds too good to be true… is it

I don’t fully understand this yet, both in terms of implications and solidity of the findings, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.


The internet is angry about GoT – and some of the cast may not exactly disagree

I don’t watch GoT, but I do listen to my friends talk about it on Bubblesort TV Game of Thrones episodes. My therefore half-informed conclusion is that the writers are a bit lazy, and they’re entirely to blame for the episode no one could watch. I do not sympathize with fans asking for a rewrite though. Get over it, entitled people. It’s a sucky ending, but it IS a sucky ending.