WTF Weekly for May 02, 2019

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This week’s WTF Weekly has fewer entries than normal because I’m in a technical training class for work this week and ran out time.

Still, it’s been an interesting week! For me personally, the most exciting news was – yes – Marco’s update to Overcast for easily sharing podcast clips with others.

Less exciting is how The Verge handled their commentary on Apple’s decision to rightfully disallow some parental control apps that used MDM, which gives those app creators too much control over a person’s iOS device. Sometimes Apple really does do the right thing, Nilay.


Apple responds to the NYT regarding removal of parental control apps from the iOS App Store. My awareness of this story began when Zac Cichy tweeted to Nilay Patel regarding the framing of his reaction. I like Nilay Patel, I think he’s smart and talented, but he tries so hard to be objective about Apple that he really says some stupid things about them sometimes.

Also grating is his tendency to frame anything from Apple’s POV at all as coming from Apple fanboys, therefore dismissing all conversation as fake news. I hate to compare Patel to Trump like that, but he really does have a major blind spot here.

Overcast adds simple podcast video clip sharing. Honestly, this update to Overcast may just have been the highlight of my week.

Beats Powerbeats Pro preorders start May 3rd. Beats Powerbeats Pro aren’t going to be cheap ($249.99), but man, do they look tempting. Longer battery life and better fit and applicability for working out sounds good.


It says a lot about this country that two people getting shot and killed on a university campus barely makes the news. I wonder how long it will be before we look back at our gun worship and wonder why we let it go on so long?


JetBlue spills the beans on its use of biometrics provided by the DHS. Welcome to the new creepy America.

Oregon is a testing grounds for Amazon’s Rekognition software. This isn’t news to me, but the details of why a county near Portland, Oregon become the testing ground for Amazon’s creepy and probably unreliable facial recognition software is both eerie and interesting.

Amazon isn’t just listening to you, they let the employees doing so have your personal information too. Remember the story about how your conversations with Alexa (even the accidental ones) are recorded and played back by Amazon employees? Turns out the privacy invasion doesn’t end there.


We hear a lot about the anti-vaxxers, but there are other people who are committed to helping bring new vaccines to market. Not everyone has to keep learning the lessons of history over and over again like an exceptionally stupid combination of Groundhog Day and What About Bob.


Peter Mayhew dies at 74. I’m not one to wax sentimental when famous people I’ve never met die, but this one is really sad. Peter Mayhew wasn’t just Chewie, he was by all accounts one of the nicest people to walk the earth.